Monthly Archives: March 2016

Portrait Practice


Not only are the Touch A Life kids experiencing healing from past trauma during their sessions in Connor Creative Art Center, they are also practicing their technical drawing skills! This month some of our older students have been studying the shapes and forms needed to draw faces and portraits. We are so impressed by these artists and their growing abilities! If you’d like to help provide art supplies and staff for our Art Center in Ghana, we still need 40 Art Sponsors! These sponsors commit to $360 a year ($30 a month) and we love to see families and friends come together to raise that amount. Contact our team for more information about you can support our Art Healing program.

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Lilly’s House: The Big Reveal

Lilly’s House Art Center is finished! Two Art Centers in three weeks is a monumental task, but with amazing partnerships like with the Rapha House team and our lead designer, Kim Lewis, both Selah Art Center and Lilly’s House Art Center are now ready to host years of creativity and healing. The theme for Lilly’s House is “Doors of Hope” with brightly painted doors covering the entire front facade. Standing tall on the Siem Reap Rapha House campus, this cottage is now a beacon of color and light for girls who have survived trafficking and exploitation. Kim envisioned these girls walking through a colorful door and finding hope on the other side of a dark path that may have led to this place. Inside Lilly’s House, our team carpenter, Jake Scott, designed an incredible elephant that serves as a work table and bookshelf. Painted bamboo lines the walls, creating a jungle home for our elephant friend, and colorful flags and floor cushions create a soft, comforting, and inspiring place for the Rapha House girls to call their own. Our friends at Art Feeds continued their work developing an International Curriculum for healing through creative expression, and helped the girls participate in their first projects – […]

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Lilly’s House in Progress

With Selah Art Center completed, our design team has traveled to Siem Reap, Cambodia, to start work on another Art Center for the girls at a second Rapha House campus. This Art Center has been named Lilly’s House and features jewel tones and an elephant theme! Our carpenter, Jake Scott, has been working with the Angolee, Head of Maintenance at Rapha House, to create a custom elephant bookshelf. Pam has been exploring the nearby community for flowers and accessories to decorate the Art Center. We love that we are able to locally source so many items! The finishing touches are happening this weekend, so stay tuned for the big reveal of Cambodia Art Center number two – Lilly’s House!

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Selah: The Big Reveal

After months of planning and a furious few days of building and painting, Selah Art Center is complete! What was once an abandoned house boat floating on the waters of Battambang, Cambodia, is now a colorful space ready for creativity and healing. We could not be more thankful for our wonderful partner, Rapha House. Their staff and volunteers are instrumental in the fight to end human trafficking and exploitation, and Selah Art Center is one more tool they will use to restore survivors of slavery. The newly restored houseboat features a Lotus theme throughout the design. We love what Kim Lewis had to say about her inspiration. “The lotus flower represents purity, faithfulness, and vitality. Vitality is the ability to live, grow, and develop…the power to endure and survive. Growing in muddy waters, the lotus roots can go up to 4 feet deep. The deeper the waters get, the deeper the flower roots down to survive. Yet, all we see on the surface is this delicate, beautiful flower. For the design of the Art Center, I suggested the lotus as our theme for the boat because the girls at Rapha House have persevered through adversity, yet they radiate with pure beauty.” When the completed […]

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