Touch A Life Foundation in Cambodia

Touch a Life Foundation in Cambodia 2006After working in Vietnam for three years, Pam and Randy Cope started connecting with other philanthropists serving in Southeast Asia. Specifically, they formed a relationship with Marie Ens who founded Place of Rescue, a safe haven for families living with AIDS, as well as orphaned children, grannies and young unmarried pregnant women. Marie Ens is a  Canadian woman dedicated to helping Cambodia’s most destitute and impoverished residents. On a lovely piece of land outside of the capital city of Phnom Phen, surrounded by rice fields and sugar palm trees, Marie built fifteen houses for families stricken by AIDS. Today Place of Rescue is home to almost 200 orphans and almost 60 destitute elderly women. In addition 33 more children live with their parents who have AIDS and attend an on-site school.

Pam and Randy were so inspired by Marie’s work that they expanded Touch A Life’s mission to include the care provided by Place of Rescue. Thanks to support from Marie’s donors and Touch A Life’s supporters, a second location was built. Place of Rescue II located in Mongkol Borey, Cambodia, is home to 100 orphans. In the province of Pailin 32 children are helped with donations of rice and school supplies.

Partners in Cambodia:

Place of Rescue

Rapha House