Monthly Archives: November 2015

A Place to Grow

Joseph (far left) and friends from the Care Center.

There is something to be said for the physical place where grief happens. This place can be found in a bedroom, a friend’s kitchen, or a chapel. We desire a place where our family can remember and celebrate, so we are building a garden. Joseph G., a 16-year-old child at our Care Center in Ghana, passed away from a sudden illness in September. Our dear Joseph left us suddenly without any time for good-byes or preparation. In his absence the Touch A Life family in Ghana is searching for a way to mourn a son, a brother, and a twin. A prayer garden on the Touch A Life Care Center campus in Kumasi is in the works in honor of Joseph and his quiet leadership. This garden will be a place for quiet reflection, but also a place where hands can dig through the soil to coax something beautiful out of the dirt. Joseph’s prayer garden will not be the only place of memorial on our Care Center campus. Each structure stands tall in legacy of a life gone too soon, but also as a hope and safe haven for many lives to begin again. It is in this service, […]

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