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New Child Rescued Rescued from Slavery in Ghana

  A 10-year-old boy has been rescued from slavery on Lake Volta and is now safe at the Touch A Life Care Center. Last week a boy named Remember was brought to our Care Center by Ghanaian Social Services. Just ten years old, he was reported to have been exploited and experienced the worst forms of child labor including slave-like conditions as well as physical and mental abuse. He also had no access to school or medical care. Now that Remember is at the Touch A Life Care Center, his wounds and medical needs will be treated, he will be given nourishing food to combat malnutrition, and he will be assessed by private tutors so he can begin attending school as he is able. We are thankful that Remember is now safe from exploitation and also for our strong partnership with the Ghanaian Anti-Human Trafficking Unit that working to eradicate child labor in their country. You can support Remember and other children like him by making a donation to the Touch A Life Care Center, which is the only long-term care facility for trafficked children in Ghana.

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Photo Essay: School Day


A typical school day for a Touch A Life child is a far cry from the days of forced labor that shadow the past. Dressed in neat uniforms, carrying school supplies and books in new backpacks, elementary and middle school students spend the day at a private school near the Touch A Life Care Center. Photographer Nancy Borowick followed a group of our students through their school day and offers us all a glimpse into the true freedom of education.   This series is the second part of our education photo series. View the first half here.                                   Help provide education for a child rescued from labor trafficking by becoming a Touch A Life Education Sponsor.

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How to Make Education Sponsorship Work

If you want to become an Education Sponsor for a Touch A Life child, but need some help with ideas for raising the $125 each month, here are some great ideas that our team has seen from our amazing donors.     For more on becoming an Education Sponsor, read more on our Global Family page.

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Photo Essay: School Mornings in Kumasi

Baba walks up from the Care Center to meet the school bus.

It is Monday morning and school is on the mind of each child at the Touch A Life Care Center in Kumasi, Ghana. Photographer Nancy Borowick followed a group of Touch A Life kids as they prepared for a school day and boarded their bus to a private school in town. To these kids who have experienced forced labor, exploitation, and a life of slavery, school is directly equated with freedom and the opportunity for education is never taken for granted.                             Help provide education for a child rescued from labor trafficking by becoming a Touch A Life Education Sponsor.

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Seven Children Who Need Sponsors

At the Touch A Life Care Center in Ghana, there are over 70 children who are given a safe and loving home, far from the dangers of trafficking and child labor. Our generous child sponsors commit each month to ensure that every child has housing, nourishing food, clothing, and medical care. As we start a new year, we have seven children who do not have a child sponsor. We would love for you, your family, or your community to choose one of these children to support. Abedinago Abedinago loves playing soccer, and he is enjoying learning to play other sports like basketball and volleyball. His favorite animal is an elephant, and likes all of the fun creatures that live at the Care Center, like the chickens and dogs. Abedinago loves gospel music, and he especially loves worshipping at Sunday morning church services.         Akwesi Akwesi is a darling young boy who is enjoying being homeschooled at the Care Center along with 26 other students. He likes playing sports and telling jokes with his friends. His favorite animal is a duck, and he loves playing with toys. Akwesi’s favorite music to listen to is Christmas music!     […]

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Run and Give Back

    Over a year ago, Gisselle made the decision to run in the TCS New York City Marathon, her very first marathon race. As an encouraging gift, a friend sent her a subscription to Runner’s World Magazine where Gisselle read an interview with a former New York Marathoner from Ghana, Wesley Korir, who mentioned that his must-read book is Jantsen’s Gift. Intrigued, Gisselle read the book and immediately knew that Touch A Life would be the perfect cause to help as she promoted her marathon run. “The more I kept reading, the more beautiful the story became. I always wanted to give back and be involved in something, and the way Pam gave felt so organic,” Gisselle shared. With a handful of charitable projects under her belt, Gisselle started an online fundraiser and asked friends and family to donate to Touch A Life before her marathon. The goal was set at $800, but before she ran in early November, Gisselle raised over $1,300!     On marathon day Gisselle conquered the 26.2 miles in just under four and a half hours and she’s determined to stay involved with Touch A Life’s work and help in any way she can, including running her […]

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The Corn Harvest


Walking among his newly planted field of corn stalks, Mr. Morgan seems content. It was only six months ago that he and two farmhands planted a hearty variety of corn while a deep drought lingered over West Africa. There was some doubt whether a harvest would come, but conversations of increasing food prices at the market steered the decision — they would plant, pray, and be wise with the water. As Operations Manager and Head Houseparent, providing healthy food for the Touch A Life kids is a top priority for Mr. Morgan. He had a plan. The corn fields at the Touch A Life Care Center in rural Kumasi, Ghana, are a big step toward making the campus fully sustainable. Corn is a staple in the West African diet — porridge, banku, and other Ghanaian dishes are made from ground corn meal. With over 70 children plus staff at the Care Center, the expense of corn can quickly add up. After months of watching and waiting, Mr. Morgan stood with amazement at the edge of the corn fields. The yellow corn had survived the drought and produced a bountiful harvest. After the corn was ground and poured into woven bags, […]

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Yoga Retreat for Trafficking Survivors

Touch A Life’s core vision is to rescue, restore, and renew those who have been exploited. At our Care Center in Ghana, over 70 children gathered for three sessions of yoga combined with the rhythms of West African drums and dance. Led by Nana, Touch A Life’s Life Academy Director and owner of Bliss Yoga Accra, the kids set out their yoga mats around Seth’s Social Center and participated in a series of stretches and poses designed to bring awareness to their bodies and breath. Nana’s message to each child was clear – you are powerful and you are full of love.              

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Life Lessons from Ghana

Today we are welcoming Jenna Harwell and Caitlin Phelps, students from Lipscomb University’s Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program, to our blog. Jenna and Caitlin traveled to the Care Center in Ghana as part of Touch A Life’s August team and led therapeutic art activities for the Touch A Life kids. Their week in Kumasi had a profound impact on their worldview and, as a response, these thoughtful women wrote a joint catalog of life lessons to share. While traveling on the road from Kumasi to Accra, we began to reflect on the depth that the past week had held for us. After saying goodbye to our new friends at the Care Center, we wanted to make sure that all of the lessons we conjured stayed close to our heart. 1. Choose to be restored with God’s Compassion. The root of the word compassion means “to suffer with”. To be Compassionate, we must set aside our agenda and sit with others in their times of trial. We have the invitation to simply show up and let God love through our words and actions. 2. Let your heart beat in rhythm with our Creator’s. If we allow ourselves to seek quiet spaces, […]

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From Portugal with Love

Our incredible Education Sponsors, Filhos do Coração, sent a team from Portugal to visit the kids at our Care Center. Their mission was to spread joy and we are pretty sure they accomplished that! The Portuguese team brought clothing, shoes, school supplies, art supplies, educational DVDs, two tablets with art applications, and a new stereo for playing music in Seth’s Social Center! As much as they brought to Ghana, the team told us that they left even more full of love.       The team from Filhos do Coração planned a whole week filled with magical moments. They began by painting a mural on the side of one of the boys’ dorms, showing a Ghanaian child holding a yoga pose with a heart!       After that, the week was full of color runs, face painting, fairy visits, glow sticks, and even a field trip for our youngest children to go horseback riding!                       Thank you to Filhos do Coração and their partners for helping the Touch A Life kids create such wonderful memories!  

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