Christmas In Ghana

The Christmas season and all the traditions associated with it are quickly approaching. Ghana is a country with its own unique and culturally specific Christmas traditions and customs.Christmas In Ghana

            Christianity is currently one of the most popular and widely practiced religions in Africa, including in West Africa where Ghana is located, so it should come as no surprise that Christmas is a major event in Ghana. While holiday festivities in Ghana often vary from family to family, most traditional Christmas celebrations in the country involve activities such as visiting family, attending church services, and cooking special meals. The bulk of the holiday celebrations in Ghana last for about two weeks, with celebrations beginning on December 20th and continuing through the first week of January.

            One of the children under Touch A Life’s care, William, wrote about his experiences celebrating Christmas in Ghana in a letter to a pen pal. Aspects of William’s holiday experiences relate to those of an American audience, like when he writes about meeting up with friends and family to exchange gifts. However, much of William’s description of the holiday seems uniquely Ghanaian, like when he describes drumming and dancing as two of his favorite holiday pastimes.

            Whatever your family’s specific holiday traditions may be, Touch A Life’s staff members hope that you have a safe and happy holiday season!

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