A Mosaic Adventure

The artwork in Seth’s Social Center is proof that when creative people work together with a common vision, nothing is impossible.

Bernard, Dana - SCCDana Dix originally connected with Touch A Life in 2012 after seeing Pam Cope tell her story on a re-run of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Dana’s son, Seth, had suddenly died just three weeks earlier from the very same heart defect that took Jantsen Cope. Dana traveled to Ghana with Pam several months later and began her plans to help build Seth’s Social Center, an open-air pavilion where the children at Touch A Life could gather and play.

In January of 2013, while construction was beginning on Seth’s Social Center, Dana began to wonder about the possibility of having a custom mosaic laid in the floor in honor of Seth. There was no place on the structure for signage, so her imagination ran wild with ideas for the potential mosaic and its design. After doing a little research, Dana was able to connect with Kathy Thaden, president of the Colorado Mosaic Artists. This group of artists completes a service project each year, and they offered to donate their time and talent to the Social Center mosaic floor.

11Designed by Scott Moore, one of the Colorado Mosaic artists, the mosaic reflects Seth’s love of adventuring – and squirrels! Seth’s motto was “Have an adventure every day” so the adventurous squirrel (who is depicted as carrying a backpack, as though he was heading out to explore) was a perfect representation. There is also a compass to help lead the way toward two stars – one to represent New York City, where Seth lived, and one to represent Ghana.

In order to finish the mosaic in time, 18 Colorado Mosaic member artists pieced the artwork together during a summer retreat. The tiles were then backed in mesh, coated in tape, and cut into sections and carefully wrapped to fit into plastic bins. These bins were taken as luggage by Kathy Boland and Misha Moore, both members of the Colorado Mosaic Society, who personally went to Ghana to install the artwork.

Each child in Ghana was able to include their own tile into the 8-foot by 8-foot mosaic and Isaac, our talented helper at Connor’s Creative Art Center, helped Kathy and Misha install the border.

The finished artwork was dedicated in Ghana in early August while Dana, Kathy, and Misha were still visiting. The children gathered to sign a song and thank each person who made Seth’s Social Center possible.

The Colorado Mosaic Society captured the story in a heartwarming video and we cannot thank them enough for their hard work and creativity. Dana’s vision of a place to honor Seth is now complete and will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy.





















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