Actress Lends Voice to Fight Against Child Slavery

Actress Lends Voice to Fight Against Child SlaveryChild slavery remains a prolific problem in the world today. The atrocities of child slavery are so rampant that major figures in the entertainment industry are now stepping in to fight the issue. In a Senate committee meeting earlier this month, actress Jada Pinkett Smith argued for the reauthorization of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. While the Act expired in 2011, if reinstated it would seek to crack down on slavery. Pinkett Smith became aware of the overwhelming scope of the tragedy of human trafficking through her 11 year-old daughter Willow, who discovered online that there were children her age around the world that had been forced into slavery. Pinkett Smith was so disturbed by these statistics that she decided to stand up and combat the issue directly. With the help of fellow actress Salma Hayek, she created an organization called “Don’t Sell Bodies” designed to combat human trafficking. The organization’s website is a valuable tool for spreading awareness of the pervasive issues of modern day slavery, sexual exploitation, and forced labor.  

At the Senate hearing on July 17 during which Pinkett Smith argued for the renewal of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act law, David Abramowitz of the human rights organization Humanity United delivered this alarming statistic: “Between 200,000 and 300,000 U.S. children are at risk of being trafficked into commercial sex.” The tragic reality behind Abramowitz’s statistic is that it represents only a small portion of the vast number of children who are being sold into slavery around http://the world. The Touch A Life Foundation is working diligently every day to stop child slavery and to rescue and heal victims of forced labor and sexual exploitation outside the United States. Touch A Life works in Ghana and Vietnam to help vulnerable youth. Touch A Life has provided invaluable long-term care for victimized children in these countries, including over 90 children in Ghana alone. The four children in the photo in this article represent just a handful of the young people whose lives have been effected by Touch A Life. Join the fight to free the trafficked child. If there are a whopping 300,000 victims of slavery in the United States alone, imagine how many hundreds of thousands of victims there are in the rest of the world. Do your part today to help these kids regain their childhoods.

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