Art Sponsorship

Art Sponsorships are a crucial element of our Global Family. Through this special giving program, donors help provide therapeutic rehabilitation for our children who were rescued from exploitation.  Art Sponsorships provide formerly exploited and vulnerable children a chance to be expressive and return to their youth.

Your sponsorship helps Touch A Life provide holistic long-term care to the children in our program through our unique and creative art therapy initiative. Our goal is to rehabilitate and inspire the children so that they can grow and make a difference in their community.Your monthly investment helps us purchase art supplies for Connor Creative Art Center, provide a salary for our Art Director, and continue to maintain the facility itself.
For $30 per month, or $360 per year, you can provide an Art Sponsorship for a child in Touch A Life’s care. Art Sponsors will receive unique and exclusive opportunities to correspond with our children and staff.

By committing to an Art Sponsorship, you automatically become part of our Global Family, which means you will receive:

  • Monthly email newsletters that feature children at our Care Center. This way you can stay connected!
  • A handwritten letter from a child in Ghana at least once per year.
  • Exclusive monthly updates, including special photos.
  • A special gift from the TAL children and team each year
To become one of our Art Sponsors, please choose Art Sponsorship on our online donation page. You can choose to make a monthly, or one time gift.