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Remember When | Back to School

I remember preparing for my first trip to Ghana back in 2006. I only had to buy clothing and gifts for seven children. Thirteen years later I find myself packing and preparing back to school items for close to one hundred children. Box after box of bright colored clothing has been arriving from Amazon because we have so many awesome donors who are committed to the cause. I will never grow weary of packing and weighing trunks for the Touch A Life children in Ghana. My heart is overflowing with gratitude for the village of supporters who make all this possible. This month we will be highlighting the students who will be returning to college this fall. I am so proud of their accomplishments and how they are maturing into well respected leaders. Currently we have twelve students who are on a college track and last year was a learning experience for us all. The biggest lesson we learned was the need to add a full-time staff position to mentor and offer support while this group is navigating their new adventure. I am happy to announce Esther Yankyera has been hired to be the Mentorship Director for the college students. […]

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