Biannual Medical Assessments and More


A team is heading to Ghana this week led by Brad Gautney, our medical director. If you aren’t familiar with Brad, he runs an organization called Global Health Innovations. GHI is dedicated to providing health care for vulnerable children in poverty-stricken areas that often do not have a voice. The team will be doing routine biannual medical assessments on the kids in our programs. Here is Brad on a previous trip. Photo by Nancy Borowick.


In addition to the medical work, the team is bringing educational technology to our kids. Thanks to 10-year-old Charlie Griege’s incredible fundraising efforts (more on this later), 21 iPads full of educational apps will make their way over to Ghana. We’ll be telling Charlie’s story in the weeks to come, but we’re so inspired by his fight to end child trafficking in Ghana. Here is Charlie in our office with one of the iPads.



We’re also grateful for our friends at Apollo Group in Phoenix, AZ. They donated 12 refurbished laptops to our kids and staff in Ghana. Some of these computers are headed over with the team.

Comfort Blowing Bubbles







We’re so grateful for your continued support. We can’t wait to see these amazing kids!

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