Biking for Freedom

On April 14th, people from across the country joined together to run, walk and bike to support the Touch A Life Foundation. Despite being miles apart, participants were able to combine their talents and provide both moral and financial support for many of the children benefiting from Touch A Life’s child care programs.

In addition to the main event, the second annual Bike-A-Thon and 5K Run/Walk in Irving, TX, fundraising chapters hosted their own events in places like Stony Brook, NY, Phoenix, AZ, and Abilene, TX.  Participants spent their running, walking, and biking to support the children in Touch A Life’s programs.

The Stony Brook chapter was born when Donna Wilder and her daughter, Beth, saw Pam Cope on Oprah where she spoke about the work of the Touch A Life Foundation. They were so inspired by the cause that Beth gave up the money that would be used for her sweet sixteen birthday party in exchange for sponsoring a Ghanaian girl through Touch A Life.

This single act of kindness, however, was just the beginning. Upon hearing about the Bike-A-Thon and 5K Run/Walk in Irving, Beth and Donna decided to host their own event in Stony Brook to contribute to the funds raised during other Find Your Mark events. They had nearly 90 participants at their event and they raised over $2,000! When asked about the event and the overall experience working with the Stony Brook Chapter, Donna said, “It taught us that even a little family of three can help make a difference in the world when you summon the courage to take a risk and a leap of faith.”

This leap of faith is also what got other chapters involved, including Touch A Life supporters in Phoenix, AZ, and Abilene, TX. Concurrent with the Stony Brook and Irving events, the Abilene chapter hosted a run/walk event over the weekend where participants raised over $4,000. The success of these recent events has set the tone for the next event, which will be hosted by the Phoenix chapter.

In total, the events raised over $8,000, which will be used to benefit the children that Touch A Life supports in Ghana, Cambodia, and Vietnam. By participating in these events, community members are not only helping to raise money, but they are also helping to save lives. The victims of Lake Volta and other human trafficking rings experience incredible difficulties everyday, but the support of volunteers throughout the United States is what can make a difference in their lives. The time and effort that is put forth to host and take part in these events is invaluable and greatly appreciated by the children and by the Touch A Life Foundation itself. Without our friends throughout the U.S., we would not be where we are today and for your support, we are eternally grateful.

For more information on how to participate in these events and to find out how to launch your own Find Your Mark chapter, please visit the Find Your Mark page on our website.

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