Birthday Celebrations!

During our staff and volunteer’s trip to Ghana in October 2012, we decided to throw a big birthday party for all the children in our program. We love to host events for the children, and what is more fun than a birthday bash?

Birthday CelebrationsAll of the 47 children in our program were rescued out of slavery on Lake Volta in Ghana.Forced labor in the region reduces Ghanaian children to the status of property, leaving them without key pieces that make up a human identity, like birthdays. Because their identities were stripped, the children rescued from Lake Volta don’t have birth certificates or even memories of our birthdays.

It is truly important for all the children to feel a sense of belonging, to know that they are part of the Touch A Life family. To create this sense of love, we have a fun tradition of allowing each child to choose his or her birthday upon entering our program. One very common choice among the children is March 13th, the same birthday as Pam! The significance of choosing a birthday is very important for the children. Each birthday represents a fresh start for each child, an indication that they are leaving behind their past. It is essential to us that each child feels loved and known by the entire Touch A Life staff and team.

Getting to throw a group birthday party for the children was such a treat! One highlight for everyone seemed to be the Funfetti cupcakes. We thought it would be fun to bring cake mix and frosting from the U.S. because none of the children had seen Funfetti cake before. We ended up baking birthday cupcakes for everyone to enjoy. The party was a complete success with good food, fun, and dancing.

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