Leaf People, Branch People, Root People

Hello! It’s Emily, one of the Touch A Life interns here in Ghana, and I am sharing about our adventures yesterday. We had a beautiful, sunny start to our week. Maggie began the day presenting some intriguing facts about the state of Tennessee to the home schooled children. They loved the Tennessee mountain music, yummy moon pies, and guitar pick necklaces.






For the rest of the morning and early afternoon, we accomplished several things on our to-do list. The supply closet in the art center was cleaned and organized, and we were able to experience the art of batiking with Emmanuel. Throughout the day we were also able to begin working on pricing and organizing Zachary’s Porch, Touch A Life’s store on campus.




We ended the day with devotions. Tonight, TAL’s amazing social worker, Simplicia, talked to the children about being a good friend. Here is a quick, and not-so-elegant, recap of what she said:

There are three types of people in the world: leaf people, branch people, and root people. The leaf people are just there to give you a little shade, but when you have no food on the table or they get cold, they will fall away and leave you. Then there are the branch people. These people are your friends and can hold you up for a little while, but they will only last so long. You have to be careful with them because they can only hold so much weight before the load is too heavy for them and they break away. Finally, there are the root people. These are true friends who never leave you, even when there is no food on the table or you go through difficult times. Pa Morgan and Ma Jan are root people. They are here just because of you and never want to leave you alone. What kind of people do you have in your life, leaf people, branch people, or root people? And what kind of friend are you to others?

Monday night was also extra special because it was Mr. Morgan’s birthday! Mr. Morgan is TAL’s Care Center Operations Manager and an all-around amazing person! It was so sweet to see the children sing to him and all go running over to love on him.



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