Changing the Future One Child at a Time

Changing the Future One Child at a TimeWhen we think about what we value most in life, we often take certain things for granted. Having a safe home, regular meals and a loving family often go unrecognized to most, but to two children from Touch A Life’s facilities in Vietnam, every little thing is a blessing. These children, Matthew and Sarah, have shared their story with us to bring awareness to the everyday issues that they once faced.

Spending most of her childhood roaming the streets of Vietnam, 11-year-old Sarah had no choice but to live one day at a time. The uncertainty of whether or not her mother would make enough money each week to feed all of her children was the ever-lingering question. She was forced to fend for herself for a number of years, but she still held her head up and never gave up hope that someday her life could turn around.

At 16 years old, Matthew also faced a similar childhood. With no father figure present and a mother who struggled to make ends meet, Matthew was faced with many challenges growing up. He was unable to attend school or pursue an education. Regardless of these challenges, he, too, was able to overcome these obstacles.

Changing the Future One Child at a TimeWith the help of Touch A Life, combined with their sheer motivation to succeed, Matthew and Sarah illustrate how their resilient spirits have shaped their character. In Touch A Life’s care in Vietnam, Matthew is now enrolled in school. He also takes keyboard lessons, which have inspired him to play songs for other children in the shelter as they sing along. He epitomizes Touch A Life’s mission and truly inspires our volunteers and teachers with his desire to serve and help others like him in the future.

Upon entering Touch A Life’s care, Sarah no longer had to worry about having a place to sleep and whether or not she will eat every day. She has also been able to attend school and receive a great education. Sarah’s life has taken a turn for the better, and we have no doubt that she will grow up to be a leader in her community.

These success stories are the things that make our job at Touch A Life worth doing. The determination, resilience, and gratitude exhibited by these children inspire us to press on and continue helping others around the world. These children are the true heroes of the organization, and without their upbeat attitudes and beautiful souls, we would not be where we are today.  

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