Charlie Griege

10-year-old Charlie Griege isn’t your average kid.

Charlie GriegeTwo years ago, Charlie decided to do something big. He didn’t think it was right that Ghanaian children were being forced to work as slaves, so he used something he loved to make a difference. Charlie loved riding his bike, so he got his friends and family to sponsor him as he rode all over Dallas, TX, to raise money to help the rescued kids in our programs.

In November of 2010, Charlie rode a grand total of 30 miles around White Rock Lake in Dallas! Incredible. He had his own cheerleaders and support team at White Rock to cheer him on throughout the ride.Charlie Griege

We’re amazed by his efforts and we admire him as a leader in the fight against child trafficking.

Charlie raised enough money to send 21 iPads loaded with educational applications to Ghana. The technology will be used in the classroom, helping teach math, science, and reading to the children in our child care centers. Charlie preloaded the iPads with personal videos made for the kids. Below are some of the kids watching his video.

Our team brought many of the iPads over on their most recent trip to Ghana, and the kids were thrilled to receive them. Here are some of the kids watching a video Charlie made for them! 

Help Us Stop Human Traffiking in Ghana

Help Us Stop Human Traffiking in Ghana

use the things you love to help us end child trafficking in Ghana. Run a marathon, ride a bike, or bake a cake. thank you, charlie griege!

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