child sponsorship

Child sponsors are truly the lifeblood of the Touch A Life. These generous monthly donations allow our team to support and rehabilitate children who have been rescued from a life of forced labor and slavery.

Invest in a Child

You can become an Individual Child Sponsor for by committing to donate $150 per month. This investment will cover a child’s shelter, clothing, nutritious food, and medical care.

Each Child Sponsor is paired up with a child in our program in Ghana, West Africa. Touch A Life will mail you the child’s biography as well as information about how to communicate with your sponsored child.

If you would like to contribute to the care of a child, but cannot commit to the full monthly investment, we would still appreciate your support! You may set up a monthly donation of any amount to support children who have been rescued from modern day slavery.

Become a Sponsor

By committing to a Child Sponsorship, you automatically become part of our Global Family, which means you will receive:

  • Monthly email newsletters that feature children at our Care Center. This way you can stay connected!
  • A handwritten letter from a child in Ghana at least once per year.
  • Exclusive monthly updates, including special photos.
  • A special gift from the TAL children and team each year

You may sign up as an Individual Child Sponsor on our donation page – just choose the sponsorship category from the drop down menu. You can also contact Rachel Brown at or call our office at (214) 883-7304 for more information.