Christmas Wish

Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling. – Edna Ferber

Three of our boys, Joseph, Mark and Albert.

Three of our boys, Joseph, Mark and Albert.

Christmas may be several months away, but it is time to pick out Christmas presents for our Touch A Life kids! 

The BOYS wished for

  • soccer socks
  • shin guards

The GIRLS wished for

  • holiday dresses

We will also be giving each child a pair of quality sneakers. These kids love to run, jump, cartwheel, and play all sorts of sports, so a good pair of sneakers is a practical way to invest in a child’s life.

Together we can make this happen! On our Amazon Wish List, we’ve picked out the requested gifts, along with a pair of shoes for every child. You can purchase a gift for a specific child, or choose a gift that is meaningful to you. After you’ve placed your order, simply have the gift(s) shipped to our Dallas headquarters. We will be hand delivering the gifts in November, so all orders need to be received at our office by October 21st.

Even a simple gift like shin guards or a pair of sneakers means the world to a child who is building a new life after being rescued from slavery. Thank you for gathering a little Christmas spirit to make these wishes come true!

Please mail gifts to Touch A Life at 7301 State Highway 161, Suite 205, Irving, TX 75039. Our phone number is (214) 540-6310. Please add your contact information to the gift area during ordering so we can thank you for your gift! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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