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From the moment that I entered the Connor Creative Art Center at the Care Center, I knew that it was a special place for the children. The Lego-shaped building is a work of art itself, but what is inside is what truly makes it a special space. There is a room with personalized cubbies with the artwork of the children, a large table in the center of the room surrounded by floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with their favorite books, a classroom area, where Kwame (TAL Art Director) teaches classes, and plenty of Legos of course. Creating an effective way for the rescued children to express their emotions through art has been an integral part of the Touch A Life program.

During my visit, there were three young men who were shining examples of the healing that art has brought to the Touch A Life children.



On our first morning at the Care Center, I found David drawing with chalk on the basketball court. I sat with him there for about an hour as he continued to draw and tell me about himself and that he really enjoys going to school. I gave him three drawing prompts: something about myself, his home, and where he was from. He proceeded to draw in my notebook from the three prompts: my camera, his dormitory at the Care Center, and a beach landscape.



When we were looking for a child to help us with a project involving drawing and lettering, we were told by multiple people that we had to find Benjamin. When we found Benjamin, I instantly knew that he was the right guy for the job. Quickly and enthusiastically, he began drawing on the chalk boards for us. After we met him, I rarely found Benjamin outside of the Art Center. It was there that he found his true calling and healing.



Sunday afternoon, we found Emmanuel in the Art Center working on a project and we were mesmerized. The style and medium of art was something I had never seen before. He was using a tool to burn wood to create an inverted image. He began working with Touch A Life about 5 years ago as a security guard. Now, he has become a part of the Touch A Life Art Community by getting involved with the children at the Art Center and making batik fabrics.

Make your Mark.

It is because of Touch A Life’s generous Global Family that these children are able to benefit from the Art Healing program. For $30/month, you can provide an art sponsorship for a child in Touch A Life’s care. Through this special giving program, donors help provide art healing services for our children who were rescued from exploitation.

If you would like to join the Touch A Life Global Family and make a difference in a child’s life, visit

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Marketing Partner

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