Five Ways to Get Inspired This Summer

Here at Touch A Life, our mission is to inspire others to advocate on behalf of trafficked and vulnerable children around the world. Summer is here, so it is the perfect time to find a new source of inspiration! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Read A New Book.
    Whether you are scrolling on your Kindle or flipping through paper pages, books are a great way to step into another time and place without leaving your front porch! Whether you choose a biography of a famous world-changer or pick up a copy of Jantsen’s Gift (by Touch A Life co-founder, Pam Cope) you are sure to gain new perspective.
  1. Make A Friend (Or Ten).
    Surrounding yourself with inspiring people is a sure way to boost your own inspiration. Looking for people with similar interests? See if there is a Find Your Mark chapter in your area. If not, contact our staff and we’ll help you start one so you can invite all your new friends!
  1. Learn A New Craft.
    ArtCenter_PortraitGet creative and start making something! From knitting and screen-printing to calligraphy and photography, learning a new skill can definitely inspire you to make your world more beautiful. Not feeling artsy? It’s okay – you can pick up a necklace or bracelet hand-made with recycled glass Ghanaian beads from the Touch A Life online store.
  1. Go Somewhere You’ve Never Been.
    You could visit a new country, or maybe a just a corner of your hometown that you’ve never explored. Bring a travel journal to take notes about your new surroundings or take a few photos with your phone and tag them on Instagram with #inspiredsummer so @TouchALife can follow your journey!
  1. Get Educated.
    We’re not talking about summer school, so don’t worry. One of the best ways to get inspired is to learn the facts about a specific cause. Grab a friend, research a cause, and then share what you’ve learned! For more info on child slavery on Lake Volta in Ghana, you can start with Touch A Life’s educational resources.

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