Celebrating Five Years at our Care Center

In September 2012, 50 Touch A Life children moved to their new home at the Touch A Life Care Center. With dormitory-style housing, a kitchen, a dining hall, and a director’s house, the Care Center became the first long-term care facility specifically for child trafficking survivors in all of West Africa.


The Care Center dormitory buildings in 2012.

The Care Center dormitory buildings in 2012.


Thanks to generous Legacy Partners, our Care Center has continued to be a safe and stable home for the Touch A Life kids. Full time Ghanaian house parents love each child as their own, getting every student ready for school and taking care of practical everyday needs. Staff cooks prepare nutritious meals from locally-sourced ingredients, some even coming directly from the Care Center garden.


Outdoor kitchen prep area in 2012.

Outdoor kitchen prep area in 2012.


The Care Center has grown over the past five years as we added Connor Creative Art Center, Seth’s Social Center, Zachary’s House, an outdoor classroom, and a multi-purpose building. And our Touch A Life family has grown as well, with 30 new children joining us over the past five years. Our established partnership with Ghanaian Social Services and the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit has made it possible for Touch A Life to focus primarily on the holistic survivor care for each child. Ghanaian Social Services is now identifying, rescuing, and assessing children who are at risk, and the Touch A Life Care Center is open to children who cannot be reunified with family members.



Three girls who were rescued in 2015 smiling on a bed in Zachary’s House.


Our Global Family and Legacy Partners are creating lasting change in Ghana, providing a loving home for so many children who are growing up to be agents of change in their country. The Touch A Life children are determined to see the end of human trafficking and forced labor in Ghana.

You can join our Global Family by committing to a monthly donation of any amount. In honor of our five year anniversary, please consider donating $5, $50, or $500 a month. We are so grateful for your support!

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