College Fund

As a Global Family, we are all about celebrating milestones, and this year is a big one! Starting in fall of 2018, Touch A Life has ten students beginning their university studies. These students were rescued in the early days of our work in Ghana and they have grown in height, character, and academic skill!

Here are the ten students who will graduate high school and plan to begin university in the fall:

With big changes comes big responsibility. In addition to maintaining ongoing costs for medical care, personal care, travel, and extracurricular activities, we need to raise $5,000 per student for college. This includes annual tuition, room and board, books, and a laptop. With 10 students to provide for, that means we have a goal of raising $50,000.

But we’re already one step ahead: thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our education partners, Filhos do Coração, the first $25,000 raised will be matched dollar for dollar. That means when you give $100, it becomes $200; when you give $250, it becomes $500; when you give $1,000, it becomes $2,000. When we’ve raised $25,000, the funds will be matched by Filhos do Coração, and we will have reached our goal.


Donate today and help us send ten students to college in Ghana!