Ghana’s Economy Shows Signs of Growth

Last Wednesday it was announced that Ghana’s economy had grown 14.4% in 2011. This information was announced by Professor Felix Asante, the deputy director of the Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER). Founded in 1962, the ISSER was initially established as an educational institution, but has since expanded its scope. Today the ISSER conducts research regarding the social climate in Ghana. The organization hopes that the data it gathers can help politicians and government officials to create policies and reforms that will strengthen the social and economic climate of contemporary Ghana.

Ghana's EconomyThe promising statistic released last Wednesday is the result of a research project entitled, “The State of the Ghanaian Economy for the Year 2011″, one of the recent investigations carried out by ISSER. The announcement of a 14.4% growth in Ghana’s economy is certainly a promising statistic, yet there are still improvements to be made. As the website reports, the benefits of the economic growth have not yet improved areas such as job creation and individual wealth accumulation. ISSER representative Felix Asante stressed the importance of young entrepreneurship in the creation of job opportunities, but emphasized the need for an environment that encourages the resourcefulness of the country’s youth. In Asante’s words, “If we ask the youth to be creative and generate jobs, then we should also create the environment to compliment this creativity. Their products and services should have a market.”

Touch A Life also believes in the resourcefulness and creativity of Ghana’s youth. Unfortunately many children in Ghana are victims of human trafficking and therefore have difficulty achieving their true potential. As illustrated in the above photograph, Touch A Life works tirelessly to rescue young victims of human trafficking in Ghana and to provide these children with long-term rehabilitative care. With your help, we can continue to equip these young people with the gifts they need to realize their potential and to live their lives to the fullest.

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