When Mother’s Day is a Reminder of Loss


For many, Mother’s Day is filled with baby snuggles, brunch dates, handmade gifts, flowers, and family celebrations. But for some, Mother’s Day is a source of dread, a day that is anticipated with fear and apprehension. For women who have lost children, every day is a struggle, but the pain is more visceral on Mother’s Day, a time when everywhere you turn, whether out on the town or on social media feeds, people are celebrating their families and their roles as moms.


We want to share these beautiful words from the staffers at Preemptive Love Coalition, an amazing nonprofit that provides relief to refugees fleeing war and helps families rebuild their lives in Syria and Iraq. We could not have expressed these sentiments better ourselves. Please know that this Mother’s Day, if you are struggling or grieving or hurting, we stand with you.

For mothers whose arms are empty due to infertility, miscarriage, or loss, your pain is mother’s work.

For mothers who bury their children far too young…your grieving is mother’s work.

For mothers who pull their children from bombed buildings, or hold sick kids they are powerless to help, or travel for miles in search of a doctor to fix a child’s broken body, your bravery is mother’s work.

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