Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Kevin Loudermilk may be almost 40 years old, but February 29th will technically be his 10th birthday.

He was born on a leap year, and he’s choosing to use his 10th birthday for something big. Really big.

Instead of gifts, Kevin is asking friends, family, and strangers for donations to help rescue and rehabilitate trafficked children. After traveling to Ghana with Touch A Life last summer, Kevin was inspired to help the kids in our programs.

We asked him a few questions about how he’s using a unique birthday to empower vulnerable children around the world.

What’s it like growing up with a leap year birthday?

Going without presents three out of four years was part of the reason I have yet to “grow up.”

Kidding aside, it was fun. On the years without a February 29 th, we always celebrated on the 28th instead of March 1 because my grandmother loved that we shared February as a birthday month. 

What made you decide to give up your birthday?

The Lord laid this on my heart.  I am so blessed and I have all I need.

On my 20th (technically 5th) birthday, my friends bought me presents for kids “ages 5 and under”. I thought I could use the same concept for my upcoming 10 th birthday, giving the presents to Touch A Life kids. I’m asking for soccer balls and jump ropes for the kids in Ghana, and donations to the Touch A Life Foundation.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to raise money for Touch A Life?

Communicate your passion for the kids and show people that donations have the power to literally change lives forever.

Click the button below to make a donation for Kevin’s birthday.

Make sure to designate “Kevin Loudermilk’s Birthday” in the “Donation For” field.

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Donate for Kevin’s Birthday

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  • Clarissa says:

    Happy Birthday, Kevin! Thank you for living the life you talk about and allowing God to lead you. I am blessed to know you. Clarissa

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