Human Trafficking Rampant in Ghana According to New Statistic

The Ministry of Woman and Children (MOWAC) is a Ghanaian organization founded in 2001 that seeks to combat gender inequalities in its home country while simultaneously protecting the rights and freedoms of vulnerable youth. This past week, MOWAC spokesman Clarke Noyoru released alarming statistics about the ubiquity of the human trafficking trade in Ghana. According to Noyoru’s claims, this issue is so severe and widespread in the country that 85 percent of those currently involved within the illegal human trafficking industry are from Ghana.

Human Trafficking Rampant in Ghana According to New StatisticClarke Noyoru announced this statistic at a three-day conference focusing on possible ways to combat child slavery. The event, which was held in the Ejisu-Juaben Municipality of Ghana, was put together by MOWAC and was sponsored in part by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Like MOWAC, UNICEF also fights for the rights of children all over the world and seeks to protect young people from disease, exploitation, and any other violations of a child’s basic rights. Specifically UNICEF has worked hard to combat child trafficking around the world and has provided direct assistance to local governments where slavery remains a persistent problem.

Like these organizations, Touch A Life works persistently to provide support to the victims of human trafficking and to educate the public on the widespread nature of this issue. Touch A Life rescues children directly from Ghana, in the very area that MOWAC declared to be rampant with human trafficking. With your help, we can continue our work as the sole organization that provides long-term rehabilitative care for formerly trafficked children in Ghana.

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