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Touch A Life is committed to providing holistic, customized child care for the children in our programs, complete with regular medical and mental health assessments, art healing programming, and educational and vocational empowerment. By equipping them with individualized care plans, high quality academic opportunities, and critical life skills, these children will grow into healthy, community-changing adults, fulfilling our mission to RESCUE, RENEW, AND RESTORE.


We RESCUE children from forced labor and exploitation in partnership with Ghana’s Social Welfare Agencies.

We RENEW children by providing healing programs to help them resume a life of realized self-worth.

We RESTORE children returning them to a life of freedom, which allows them to be a child again.


food costs


Maintaining a farm with many fruits and vegetables greatly lowers our food costs, but with more children rescued each year, the costs continue to rise.

staff salaries


The annual cost to employ the Ghanaian staff, whom cares for the children at the Care Center and Life Academy is $110,200.




2018 marks 6 years of Ghanaian children calling the Touch A Life Care Center home. As the center ages, more maintenance and repair needs are arising.

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The minimum annual expense to provide the children with quality education.

Education transforms victims of exploitation into survivors and change-makers. The children at our Care Center in Ghana are growing up, and we want to equip them with everything they need to pursue their dreams and create change in their country.

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Through your donations and contributions, we have done a lot of great work this year. Some of the highlights include:


$50,000 was raised this year to provide a new van in Ghana. The van is crucial for transporting the children safely to school everyday, trips to gather supplies, and trips to medical facilities.



When Randy Cope’s father, Kenneth, passed away this year, a memorial fund was started to support renovations and ongoing maintenance for a bakery at the Touch A Life Care Center.


There is still so much to be done and we believe the old saying to be true: many hands make light work. As we finish out 2018, we are asking each Touch A Life family member to join us in our work. We are asking that you consider making a tax-deductible gift to Touch A Life to support the great work yet to be done. Your one-time donation, monthly support, catalog purchase, willingness to volunteer, and prayer all make a difference to our ability to continue to Rescue, Renew, and Restore. We encourage you to visit our website to share your ideas or make a contribution.

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34 volunteers traveled to the Touch A Life Care Center this year to bless the children. These visitors included medical physicians, dentists, photographers, videographers, marketers, and other wonderful friends.

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Of all volunteers, 47% have returned on a second or third visit to Ghana.

1,134 vounteer hours have been spent this year furthering the mission of Touch A Life.

In September, the Kool Smiles dental team cleaned 3,552 teeth on their trip to Ghana.

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