Jacob’s Journey from Slavery to Freedom

Up until March 2010, Jacob was enslaved on Lake Volta. That’s because earlier in his life, a family member sold him to a Ghanaian fisherman. He experienced the brutality and dehumanization of being owned and treated as a commodity, forced to work daily on a boat. The conditions were horrific, and Jacob found himself trapped in a seemingly hopeless situation.

Then, Touch A Life rescued Jacob from his master. He was scared, hungry, and traumatized when we found him. And in the midst of negotiating his release, we realized something.

Jacob was partially deaf.

He had difficulty communicating and spoke a rare dialect, making the transition to rehabilitation hard. He had a tough time in social situations and frequently became frustrated. Jacob had special needs and required consistent one-on-one attention. When the Bass family of Indiana heard about Jacob, they knew they wanted to adopt him. The mom is an audiologist, and they had previously adopted a daughter from India with hearing loss. The Bass family had been praying about adopting another child, and Jacob was the answer to their prayers.

In February of this year, Jacob came to America. The transition has been smooth, and he’s teachable, affectionate, and full of energy. Jacob soaks up everything like a sponge, absorbing knowledge and learning quickly. He’s been fitted for hearing aids, communicating more proficiently.

Jacob Bass now receives individual attention from a loving family, feeling cared for and secure.

Thank you for supporting Touch A Life. You’re rescuing and rehabilitate kids with us, giving them freedom and hope.


  • Doris Bass says:

    We now have a new grandson, Jacob!! What a great gift he is to our family.

    We love his smile and the love he gives us with hugs. We are very happy to have him as a member of the Bass Family.

  • Anonymous says:

    We know the Bass family and know what a blessing Jacob is to them and they to him.

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