Jake’s Senior Project: Basketball Fundraiser

Jake Nolan, a senior at Upper Arlington High School in Columbus, Ohio, decided that for his senior capstone project he would show how athletics could be a positive influence on all types of people, specifically on children who came from low income or impoverished situations.

Basketball FundraiserTo prove his point, he interviewed various groups of people all from around the world to learn about how access to athletics has influenced their lives. One of his interviews was with Bernard, a formerly trafficked child who lives at the Touch A Life Care Center. Jake thought that Bernard’s interview was special Bernard came from a worldview that was completely different than his own. After his conversation with Bernard, Jake and his family decided to sponsor Bernard through Touch A Life, but he felt he could do something more to help. After learning that that the kids at the Touch A Life Care Center really wanted a basketball court, Jake decided to host a 3 on 3 basketball tournament at his high school to help raise money for that purpose. Jake’s family and friends rallied around him and helped with the fundraiser. Jake’s friends assisted him by officiating games and his family assisted by coordinating events as well as the logistics of the fundraiser. All of the kids who participated in the event had a great time and were inspired by the cause. In the end, Jake raised the $3,500 needed to build the basketball court!

Jake’s motivation for the event came from his own love of sports. Jake has grown up playing sports his whole life and they have taught him so much about teamwork as well as the importance of hard work and determination. In addition, Jake said that sports really taught him so much about himself.  Jake cherishes the moments with his basketball teammates and hopes that the TAL kids can develop the same bond that he did with his team. He hopes the TAL kids enjoy playing basketball as much as he does.

We know that Jake’s generous contribution of a basketball court will positively influence our kids. Thank you, Jake!

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