Life After the Rescue


The International Labour Organization has named today “World Day Against Child Labor”. Concerned citizens and aid workers across the globe are coming together to spread awareness about a crisis that few see first-hand. “Rescue” is what comes to mind for most people, after hearing about children trapped in modern day slavery, living in poverty and forced to work with no education and no pay. But rescue does not indicate a one-time action; rather, to rescue someone is to embark upon a long-term journey that leads to freedom. The Touch A Life Foundation is committed to providing holistic customized care for the children in all of our programs that reaches far beyond the day each one is rescued from slavery.


The 47 children living at the Touch A Life Care Center in Ghana are lovingly cared for by our Ghanaian house parents and in-country staff. Their days are full as they attend classes at Joy Standard School, play sports, dance, swim, and create masterpieces in the therapeutic art center.

Some of the older children living at the Care Center prepare for the future with vocational training. They shadow skilled volunteers who travel to Ghana to provide services, like dental and medical assessments. Moses, who was rescued from slavery on Lake Volta in 2009, has already been inspired to become a doctor so he can “heal people who are sick and also to help [his] brothers who are still on the lake.”


Touch A Life is training each child at the Care Center to be a leader in his or her community, allowing each child to share his or her powerful story of rescue and renewal. You can also be a part of this story by joining our Global Family monthly giving program, starting a Find Your Mark chapter, or helping spread the word about our vision to not only rescue, but also to rehabilitate and empower some of the world’s most vulnerable boys and girls.

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