Ghana Sewing Collective

For the first year of Life Academy, students agree to participate in the Ghana Sewing Collective led by Eunice, a Life Academy Mentor. This part of the program is designed as an introduction to working for a small business owner, as well as working with a team toward a common goal. Eunice guides the students through the basics of sewing and pattern making and the students create products made from handmade batik fabric, traditional mud cloth, and leather.

During the second year, Life Academy students are earning a salary from the Ghana Sewing Collective and working five days a week in the Sewing Collective studio. With time set aside for literacy classes and therapy sessions, the student artisans are developing their sewing skills and creativity, as well as learning how to take inventory and record client orders.

Products that are created in the Ghana Sewing Collective are sold in Accra, Ghana, as well as in the United States at various retail partners and the annual Touch A Life Art Auction.