Life Academy Studio Reveal

Life Academy has a newly renovated home in Accra, Ghana! Coated in bright colors, this studio is a safe and encouraging place for the Life Academy Student Artisans to work, rest, heal, and learn.           The Sewing Collective room is equipped with six professional sewing machines where Student Artisans are creating beautiful bags and home decor items using handmade batik and other west african textiles. Life Academy’s Sewing Collective Manager, Eunice, has her studio just next door so her leadership and mentoring are never far away. The students who are employed by Life Academy are now earning their own salary, and those who are working at jobs outside the new studio still meet weekly for other programming.       The classroom space provides an area for Life Academy’s literacy classes where students meet with private educator, Sarah Palshof, to strengthen their academic skills. The large table also provides work space for large sewing projects!       The third room in the Life Academy serves as a therapy and yoga space. Clinical Psychologist Rachel Pugh incorporates art therapy and other therapeutic methods to bring healing and growth to each Life Academy student. Nana, Life Academy Director and owner of Bliss Yoga […]

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Life Academy Studio Under Construction

The Life Academy Studio is almost complete! Right next door to Eunimak Studios, where the Life Academy Sewing Collective began, the Life Academy Studio space will be used for therapy sessions, literacy classes, yoga sessions, and sewing area. Located in Ghana’s capital, Accra, the Life Academy Studio came to life under the leadership of the program’s director, Nana, Sewing Collective Manager, Eunice, and our Logistics Manager, Chris. The team spent hours searching through warehouses of vintage furniture to find the best pieces for the space. These old tables, chairs, and armoires are being brought to life again with repairs by local craftsmen, as well as some fresh paint and fabric!                 The Studio renovations also include a newly renovated bathroom, a small kitchen area, new floors, along with updated windows and fans.       Thank you to Earthbound Trading Co. and Purveyor Home for contributing funds to the Life Academy Studio renovation!

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