New Shoes for the Children!

New Shoes for the ChildrenBranch Church, based in Dallas, Texas, provided all of the children with a new pair of shoes. The Branch set up a gift-giving tree, which displayed a picture of each child and his or her corresponding shoe size. The members of the church were encouraged to purchase and donate a comfortable, black pair of Converse shoes for each child living at the Touch A Life Care Center. The kids were so overjoyed and grateful to receive their new kicks. The generosity displayed by supporters at The Branch showed the kids that there are people all over the world that really care for them.

For children living in impoverished communities, these shoes could sometimes mean the difference between life and death. There are many soil-transmitted diseases that can be contracted through exposed skin. There are other parasitic diseases, like hookworm and threadworm, that can penetrate the skin through large cracks that form from not wearing shoes. Additionally, many of the kids could develop cuts that could turn into infections if not treated. This shows how a simple pair of shoes could eliminate any risk these kids might have for developing these physical ailments and diseases. All of us at Touch A Life are so thankful for these brand new shoes donated by our friends at The Branch. Thanks to their efforts, the children’s feet are kept safe and clean!

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