New Tech High’s Art Auction

New Tech High @ Coppell students in Coppell, Texas are incredible. A group of them got together a few years ago and started a movement on their campus called Hope for Africa. The club puts on fundraisers and campaigns to raise awareness and resources for organizations tangibly meeting the needs of people on the continent of Africa.

They’ve been big supporters of Touch
A Life since fall 2009, funding laptops for the kids in our Ghana program and sponsoring a beautiful girl named Comfort. The club put on an art auction recently at a local Barnes & Noble, raising over $1,200!  All of the artwork was created by students, and one piece was made by Comfort.

Maggie Gross, one of the club’s current leaders, took time to answer a few questions about the art auction and why she’s involved in something bigger than herself.

First, tell us how Hope For Africa was started at New Tech.

Hope for Africa was started at New Tech in 2008, the first year our school opened. One teacher, Mrs. Pillmore, carried the club over from Coppell High School and was the club’s sponsor the first couple of years.

What’s your role in the club?

I, along with a few other girls, make up the executive team. Our club is unique because we don’t have the typical labels of President, Vice President, etc.. We’ve all been equally involved in the club and share the same passion to make it a success. We meet regularly to plan and lead the meetings with the entire club.

Why did you decide to put on an art auction?

Two years ago we had our first art auction for Touch A Life. It was such a big success that we decided to make it a bi-annual event.

Over $1,200! That’s a lot! How did you raise so much money?

Our art auction would not have been such a success without the help of so many people. Barnes & Noble, the artists, singers, and everyone who came out to help support the auction all played a huge role. It would not have been possible without them.

Why are you involved with Hope For Africa?

My sophomore year, a service program called New Tech Gives Back partnered with the Touch A Life Foundation. After Pam Cope spoke at New Tech, I knew I had to get involved. Hearing about the children on Lake Volta and everything Pam was doing to rescue them was so inspiring. I think we often forget how lucky we are, but Hope for Africa helps remind me that there are bigger things in this world. As I have learned more about Touch A Life and each of the kids, it has continued to become more meaningful.

What does Hope For Africa have planned for the future?

Since we have officially raised enough money to
sponsor Comfort for a year ($1800), we are in the process of brainstorming new ideas for our club. We’re planning on promoting TOMS One Day Without Shoes, volunteering or walking/running in the Touch A Life 5k, and possibly volunteering at Shiloh with African refugees.

What do you love most about sponsoring Comfort?

I love sponsoring Comfort because it makes it so much more personal. It’s no longer just about raising money, but there is a purpose behind it. Throughout the sponsorship we have received pictures of Comfort and it is so motivating to see the girl we are responsible for.

We’re so grateful for people like Maggie Gross and the students at New Tech High @ Coppell. Learn more about child sponsorship
at our Global Family page.

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