PANAFEST Opens Eyes, Strives to End Modern-Day Slavery

culture and pride, but most importantly, it providesPANAFEST Opens Eyes, Strives to End Modern-Day Slavery a way to bring light to the issue of slavery throughout the continent. Over the course of 14 days, people from all reaches of Africa will unite to help commemorate those who have suffered the mistreatment of slavery and help to heal the wounds that were formed along the way. 

An initiative headed by Efua Sutherland in the mid-1980s, PANAFEST was created to shed light onto one issue that has damaged the African continent for ages — slavery.  Also known as the Pan African Historical Theatre Festival, PANAFEST gives participants the chance to visit different landmarks in Ghana at which they will be able to learn more about the history of the country and pay tribute to those who have lost their lives to slavery.

In addition to tours, there are also seminars and pageants, which celebrate both Ghanaian and African culture as a whole and recognize the many successes that have been achieved by Africans over the years. The goal of this is to unify all those of African descent and to continue moving into the future without forgetting the past.

While the objectives of this celebration may be clear to most Ghanaians, the fact remains that there are still children suffering in silence. They are the ones that are still enduring the hardships that should have been abolished long ago.

PANAFEST Opens Eyes, Strives to End Modern-Day SlaveryThe children working on Lake Volta do not get the luxury of experiencing Ghana’s rich culture and the celebrations of PANAFEST. They are the ones that must continue on in their attempts to survive by obeying the strict rules of their masters. They are the children whose resilient spirits fuel the need for such an event.

The children who have not yet been rescued from slavery in Ghana are the ones that the Touch A Life Foundation hopes to give a second chance at life. Over the years, the organization has rescued over 90 children from slavery. As long as there are children who need help, we will be on the front lines to provide them with the better lives that they deserve. Our hope is that one day, they, too, will get to experience their heritage and share their story with the world. 

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