Passion, A Movement to #EndIt

Passion, A Movement to End ItOutside the Georgia Dome, from January 1st-January 4th, 60,000 young Christians gathered in hopes of eradicating modern-day slavery worldwide. These young people are determined to raise awareness and shine light on an issue that continues plague societies both near and far. Passion is the organization and movement behind this very group of people. The Passion 2013 Event became a place where thousands of supporters could gather to raise awareness about modern day slavery and donate in an effort to make a difference in ending human trafficking. Since 1997 the movement has focused on sexual slavery and forced labor issues. The conference serves as a catalyst for participants to make a difference in the lives of exploited adults and children around the globe.

Many conference attendants made a pledge to speak on behalf of those without a voice. They committed to protecting men, women, and children who are entrenched in the dire world of human trafficking.
Over a dozen different organizations have been called to action by Passion organizers for support, including International Justice Mission. Last year alone, the Passion 2012 event raised more than $500,000. This year,  20,000 additional supporters attended the Passion event. Many are thrilled to see the event grow, and they have high hopes of continuing on the positive trajectory.

Passion 2013 organizers and supports made a pledge to stop human trafficking (or, in social media-speak #endit) in a united pursuit to strive towards a better tomorrow. Touch A Life team members and supporters are encouraged to hear of the good work being done in the U.S. to spread the word about human trafficking. People need to know that modern-day slavery is not only a reality in places like Ghana, Cambodia, and Vietnam but a reality in our backyards as well. Thanks to events like Passion, people are learning about this horrific atrocity, and they are working to end it once and for all.

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