Project End Slavery

We are grateful for our partnership with two young students, Caroline Sisson and Melissa Jacobs, who started Project End Slavery to benefit causes like Touch A Life. Their goal is to help end modern-day slavery once and for all by spreading awareness about the issue and raising money for organizations like Touch A Life. Project End Slavery will be selling various pieces of merchandise, like these cool sunglasses shown below, to benefit the organizations of their choice. To participate and visit their online store, click here!

We had the chance to ask Caroline & Melissa some questions about the Project:

Q: Why did you start Project End Slavery?

A: We started Project End Slavery after seeing a video at church of a boy in Africa who said his favorite verse in the whole Bible was “honor your father and mother”. And his father and mother sold him into slavery. It amazes me that a little boy younger than me had no anger in his heart for his parents, but instead he wanted to honor them as best as he could. 

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment thus far?

A: Our biggest accomplishment thus far has been sending in a check of over $1000 to Touch A Life. And the blessing in that was the $1000 was raised in less than a week. Throughout raising this money, many people now know that slavery is still happening in many parts of the world. 

Q: What is the future of the project?

A:  We plan to continue raising as much awareness for slavery as we can. In the future we want to start an organization where we live (Memphis, Tennessee) to focus on pulling children out of slavery in and around where we live.


Thank you, Caroline and Melissa, for being an example to us all. You have shown us how easy it is to make a difference in the lives of exploited and trafficked children throughout the world. Thank you!

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