quarters for a cause

We love partnering with groups all over the world to help support the beautiful children in Touch A Life’s care in Ghana, West Africa, and we especially enjoy collaborating with the passionate students and teachers we meet in schools throughout the United States! Are you interested in getting your classroom involved with Touch A Life’s work but don’t know where to start? Join our Quarters For A Cause program!


Commit to partnering with your classroom, your club, or your entire school in order to raise $125 for Touch A Life. Why $125? That’s what it costs to provide one month of education for a Touch A Life child in Ghana. Because of this donation, your team will help a child in our care to receive higher education, and we don’t think there’s any gift greater than that!

  • Contact Touch A Life to officially enroll your classroom, your club, or your entire school in the program. You can reach us at (972) 725-9378 or at info@touchalifekids.org
  • Set a date for one of our staff members to visit your classroom or club meeting (either in person or via Skype!) to talk about this program. At this time, we’ll share videos and other information that will make you feel connected with and close to the amazing children in Ghana. We’ll leave you with all of the necessary materials and items that you’ll need to spread the word about your project, including Quarters for A Cause stickers and a jar that you can use to collect change. We can also provide you with promotional postcards, DVDs, and other materials upon request.
  • Set a deadline by which you’d like to collect the funds. For some schools, working on a semester timeline makes the most sense, while for others, it’s easier to promote this campaign while studying a specific topic in the classroom. The timeline is up to you!
  • Celebrate once you’ve met your goal! We’d be happy to join you (either in the classroom or on Skype) to thank you for the amazing work that you’ve done, and to talk about ways that you can connect with the children in Ghana after your project is done.

You can touch a life in your school, and in this world, by becoming a global citizen who is passionate about issues (and about people!) all over the globe. Join us today by raising Quarters For A Cause!