Raul’s Story


Raul was identified as a trafficked child in Ghana in August of 2008.  As you can see in the photo on the left, Raul was terrified when Touch A Life staff members and Ghanaian abolitionists found him. His master had tried to shove Raul under some nets on his boats so that the team couldn’t see him. When it became obvious to the master that the team wasn’t leaving, he allowed Raul to stand up.

He spoke to the child harshly, and translators said that the master was reprimanding Raul. The child immediately began to cry. Raul was so afraid; it was obvious that he felt tormented by his master’s actions.

Thankfully, through negotiations between Ghanaian abolitionists and Raul’s master, Raul was released into Touch A Life’s care the following day. He was anxious when he arrived at Touch A Life’s facility but he slowly warmed up to the children there. He began to adjust to his new life and he grew happier, calmer, and more content each and every day.

Raul has completely come out of his shell. He is such a cheerful boy, one who loves to spend time with his friends. Raul tries his very best in school; he has enjoyed learning how to read and write. He loves to ride his bike and play outside. Most of all, Raul loves to laugh. He has such a sweet spirit!

There are many more children just like Raul, waiting to be rescued and given a new life. Please take a moment to share our story or become a member of our Global Family. The “after” is what keeps us moving forward on this journey and we would love for you to join us.

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