Smart Donation for Smart Phones

So, you just upgraded your iPhone? We understand. These days, a new smart phone is so much more than a toy or luxury, it is a powerful tool that makes life streamlined and organized. But upgrading to a new phone usually leaves an old phone behind. Rather than letting that phone gather dust, sit in a drawer, or be traded in for a small percentage, you can donate it to a great cause! 

The Touch A Life Ghana Care Center staff.We are looking for 12 smart phones in working condition that we can give to our staff in Ghana. Smart phones would give our Care Center staff (including drivers and house parents) access to internet, maps, and email, along with having a sturdy, reliable phone for communication with our U.S. based staff and supporters.

Don’t let your smart phone go to waste. Simply mail it in a padded envelope to our Dallas headquarters. We will personally hand deliver the phones to the Ghanaian staff on our next trip. Our address is 7301 State Highway 161, Suite 205, Irving, TX 75039.

We are accepting iPhone or Android based smart phones, as well as USB connector cords and chargers for smart phones. If you have any questions about how you can help, please feel free to email us or call us at (214) 540-6310.

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