Soccer as Medicine

Soccer is a universal sport loved by many all over the world. Although it might be called different names in various countries (for example, it’s known as football in England), the love for the sport is the same everywhere. At the Touch A Life Care Center in Ghana, the children love playing soccer whenever they can, which usually means every day. Soccer provides the kids with great exercise that keeps them very active and healthy. The kids also enjoy playing basketball and volleyball. These activities teach the kids valuable life lessons, including the concept of teamwork and the importance of sharing.

Soccer as MedicineThe kids at the Care Center had very rough upbringings, forcing them to adopt the mentality of fending for themselves and only focusing on their own survival. When the kids initially come to the Care Center, some have trouble getting along with others and interacting with their peers. They are used to hoarding everything that comes to them because they were given so little when they were enslaved. At the Care Center, they learn new concepts like sharing, teamwork, and trust.

The ultimate goal is that they develop a sense of family with the other kids who have gone through similar traumatic events and with the caregivers at the center. Sports like soccer help them with learning these lessons in a non-threatening, informal way. Soccer may seem like just a game to many people, but to these kids it is their love, passion, and it provides them with a brief escape from the memories of much harder times.

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