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Students fight human trafficking with spare change

Every little bit helps. One sixth grade science class in Carrolton, Texas, took that phrase to heart and raised $154.34 in just two months to help the children cared for by Touch A Life Foundation. Their teacher, Mr. Allen Kernion, spearheaded the fundraising drive after hearing about Touch A Life from his wife, who is also a teacher. When we asked him why he chose to fundraise for Touch A Life he said, “The [Touch A Life] children are so deserving and I wanted my students to learn that they can be powerful with their actions and convictions.” The fundraising drive began with Mr. Kernion’s fifth-period class, but word quickly spread throughout Perry Middle School. Students from every grade began bringing their extra change to Mr. Kernion’s classroom where the total tally was kept. Their teachers were astonished at their sacrifice. “Our school is 90% economically disadvantaged, so their donations were in the form of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and a few dollar bills. To me this is amazing that they would give what they have, day by day,” said Mr. Kernion. The fundraising topic also contributed to class discussions, as the students learned about the plight of trafficked children, and how […]

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Art to Aid: A photographer’s journey to help victims of human trafficking

In the middle of a youth conference in Tennessee, Andrea Waldrop heard a phrase that gripped her heart – human trafficking. Though she was just entering her senior year of high school, Andrea suddenly knew that she would devote a piece of her life to helping to end the horrors of modern-day slavery. She connected deeply with the stories of vulnerable children that she heard at the conference, as she had been a victim of sexual exploitation herself. But Andrea’s wounds began to find purpose.   Almost five years later, Andrea is living in Tenino, Washington, and using her passion for photography to help bring an end to the human trafficking crisis. Through the organization Art to Aid, Andrea and her father, Stew, are donating a portion of all artwork sales to Touch A Life Foundation. When we spoke with Andrea, she told us, “The opportunity to work with my dad to raise funds for Touch A Life is very exciting to me. I love collaborating with him on projects and tossing around ideas for new items. It means a lot to be able to help others alongside him.”   We asked Andrea what advice she would give to someone […]

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Class assignment sheds light on modern-day slavery

When Blair Burney was asked to represent a non-profit organization as a project in her Public Relations Writing class, she realized she was given a great opportunity. Rather than simply complete the assignment with a random organization, Blair decided to use her class project to raise awareness about enslaved and exploited children. Several years earlier, when Blair was a student at Coppell High School near Dallas, TX, she heard about Touch A Life through a student club named “Hope for Africa.” Blair remembered the Touch A Life story immediately when she was asked to come up with a non-profit to study in her class at UNT. She began her research by reading Jantsen’s Gift and gathering information from the Touch A Life website. Blair then visited the Touch A Life headquarters in Dallas and set up an interview with Pam Cope and the Touch A Life staff. Blair told us, “When I first met Pam she was warm, open, and interested in all of my questions, as well as some questions my roommate had. She made me want to get involved and made me want to go to Ghana and help!” Part of the class project was writing an article to […]

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Modern-Day Abolitionists

Actress and singer Zooey Deschanel was recently featured on the show Who Do You Think You Are? on TLC. She discovered that her ancestors had been key players in the pre-Civil War abolitionist movement. What a legacy! There is still an abolitionist movement happening today. There are an estimated 27 million slaves worldwide. Over 7,000 children – some estimates are even as high as 27,000 – are exploited daily on the waters of Lake Volta. We have been given the opportunity to end these tragic events by rescuing and rehabilitating one child at a time. Of course, the more people that get involved, the more children we are able to help.  When your children, grand-children, and even great-grand-children look back at your life, what will your legacy be? Our team is working to eradicate slavery in our current time – will you join us? Whether you use your voice to raise awareness, or donate funds toward educating a child, or even travel to Ghana to bring supplies, we need you in this fight.  If you have any questions or have a special skill you’d like to use to help us, please contact us directly. We’d love to talk to you!

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Giving, Healing and Creating

On February 17, 2009, Ron and Nan Deal experienced the tragic loss of their 12-year-old son, Connor – a boy who loved to sing and make art. In the months that followed, Ron and Nan, along with their two other sons Braden and Brennan, searched for a way to process their grief and find a place to share Connor’s creativity with the world. The Deals found both after partnering with Touch A Life. Nan described her first trip to Ghana as a “rescue mission” for herself. Traveling with Pam Cope impacted Nan greatly, especially since the co-founder of Touch A Life had also experienced the grief of losing a child. “Whether it is with Touch A Life or another organization, I think anyone who has suffered a profound loss needs to get out there and start serving, because in that you will find that you are not alone,” Nan wrote in an e-mail interview. “But the beauty of Touch A Life is that they are ministering to two groups…these precious children who need a voice, and the grieving parents who have so much more love to give. When you put those two together, it is the beauty from the ashes.” On […]

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Life After the Rescue

The International Labour Organization has named today “World Day Against Child Labor”. Concerned citizens and aid workers across the globe are coming together to spread awareness about a crisis that few see first-hand. “Rescue” is what comes to mind for most people, after hearing about children trapped in modern day slavery, living in poverty and forced to work with no education and no pay. But rescue does not indicate a one-time action; rather, to rescue someone is to embark upon a long-term journey that leads to freedom. The Touch A Life Foundation is committed to providing holistic customized care for the children in all of our programs that reaches far beyond the day each one is rescued from slavery. The 47 children living at the Touch A Life Care Center in Ghana are lovingly cared for by our Ghanaian house parents and in-country staff. Their days are full as they attend classes at Joy Standard School, play sports, dance, swim, and create masterpieces in the therapeutic art center. Some of the older children living at the Care Center prepare for the future with vocational training. They shadow skilled volunteers who travel to Ghana to provide services, like dental and medical […]

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The Road to a Brighter Future – Combating Human Trafficking in Vietnam

As thousands of children in Vietnam become victims of human trafficking each year, the Touch A Life Foundation strives to help by rescuing them and educating community members on how to prevent it from happening in the future.

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National Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Day

Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Day. We’ve got a way for you to help us spread the word – read more to find out how.

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