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Skin Care Classes at the Care Center

We love hearing stories of how a trip to our Care Center in Ghana made an impact on our volunteers. Today Patty Wolverton, from Genesis Church in Phoenix, is sharing her story of her trip to Ghana during our health fair in August. My family includes three children – two boys a girl, and we are blessed with three precious grandkids. Since we all live in different states, traveling occupies most of our free time so that we can invest in our family. My husband’s job relocated us to the Phoenix area about ten years ago, which is where we currently reside, although originally, I am from the Seattle area. Touch A Life was on our radar back in 2007 when our pastor, Pat Stark from Genesis church, traveled to Ghana. It touched my husband and me deeply, learning about the trafficked kids that were fishing, especially since my husband has worked in the seafood industry for years. After hearing about hearing about Touch A Life, we took the first step and started sponsoring a young man at the Care Center named Raul. This past August, I was able to travel to Ghana myself. Going to the Touch A Life […]

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Using Collage in Art Therapy

This post is part of our blog series by our Art Therapist, Ally Root. Ally is passionate about the ways in which the creative arts can bring healing, and she will be sharing her thoughts here along with projects that she has completed with the children at our Care Center in Ghana. You can read Ally’s previous posts on art therapy in our blog archives. Collage is an excellent medium to use in an art therapy setting. For individuals who may not feel completely confident in their drawing abilities, collage is a great way for them to express themselves creatively without the pressure of making a realistic drawing. Additionally, the act of cutting and ripping images and gluing them together can be cathartic for some. Collage gives artists the opportunity to pull pieces from their surrounding environments and form their own collection of images and words that have personal meaning to them. From these pieces, they can create their own unique entity that reflects their inner world. Using old newspapers to compile images into collages is a favorite activity with the children at the Touch A Life Care Center. Upon request, the oldest boys at the care center participated in a free collage-making […]

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Exploring Different Materials in Art Therapy

This post is part of our blog series on art therapy by our Art Center Director, Ally Root. Ally is passionate about the ways in which the creative arts can bring healing, and she will be sharing her thoughts here along with projects that she has completed with the children at our Care Center in Ghana. You can read her previous posts here, here and here.   One of the great benefits of using art in therapy is that the creative process allows for a variety of sensory experiences. Sight, smell, touch, and sound are all elements associated with art-making. The materials that one chooses to use for their artistic creation has great meaning. The way a person interacts with the art materials they use can bring up emotional states triggered by the sensory experience. For example, the act of molding clay can be overwhelming for some who may not be comfortable with moist or fluid-like materials. This person may prefer to use a more structured material such as colored pencil. For another person, colored pencil may seem restricting in comparison to clay, as clay is easily molded and colored pencil tends to be somewhat rigid. Art materials can be fun to explore as you […]

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A Return to Ghana

This week we have a guest post from Lauren Burton. Lauren is the leader of the Find Your Mark chapter in Nashville, TN, and she and her husband lead an annual team to our Care Center to provide dental assessments for each child. Her journey with Touch A Life began as an observer at a fundraising event, and now three years later, she is an adoptive parent and a key supporter in our work happening in Ghana. This month she will travel to Ghana with her family and adopted son, Micah, and will be sharing her family’s experiences throughout the summer. Sometimes life can feel monotonous. Like it is nothing more than a never-ending cycle of to-do lists and errands that threaten to define us. Sometimes though, maybe even every single day, God sends us opportunities that are meant to free us from this trivial haze. One of my chances came in a phone call from a friend inviting me to come with her and a medical team from Nashville, Tennessee, to work with the Touch A Life Foundation in Ghana. As a mom to three young children, it was the last thing I had time for, but it was […]

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Students fight human trafficking with spare change

Every little bit helps. One sixth grade science class in Carrolton, Texas, took that phrase to heart and raised $154.34 in just two months to help the children cared for by Touch A Life Foundation. Their teacher, Mr. Allen Kernion, spearheaded the fundraising drive after hearing about Touch A Life from his wife, who is also a teacher. When we asked him why he chose to fundraise for Touch A Life he said, “The [Touch A Life] children are so deserving and I wanted my students to learn that they can be powerful with their actions and convictions.” The fundraising drive began with Mr. Kernion’s fifth-period class, but word quickly spread throughout Perry Middle School. Students from every grade began bringing their extra change to Mr. Kernion’s classroom where the total tally was kept. Their teachers were astonished at their sacrifice. “Our school is 90% economically disadvantaged, so their donations were in the form of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and a few dollar bills. To me this is amazing that they would give what they have, day by day,” said Mr. Kernion. The fundraising topic also contributed to class discussions, as the students learned about the plight of trafficked children, and how […]

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When Isaac Grows Up

Meet Isaac! Isaac is constantly smiling – he has a bright, sunny disposition and his joy is contagious. Isaac loves being around people and having conversations about life. He also loves getting his picture taken and he is fascinated with cameras. Isaac likes to read and write, and enjoys reading out loud with his friends.  Isaac wants to attend college and study law! With his charming personality, determination, and thirst for knowledge, he is right on track to meet his goals. If you’d like more information on how you can contribute to the higher education of a child in our care, read about our educational sponsorship or contact us!    

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Art to Aid: A photographer’s journey to help victims of human trafficking

In the middle of a youth conference in Tennessee, Andrea Waldrop heard a phrase that gripped her heart – human trafficking. Though she was just entering her senior year of high school, Andrea suddenly knew that she would devote a piece of her life to helping to end the horrors of modern-day slavery. She connected deeply with the stories of vulnerable children that she heard at the conference, as she had been a victim of sexual exploitation herself. But Andrea’s wounds began to find purpose.   Almost five years later, Andrea is living in Tenino, Washington, and using her passion for photography to help bring an end to the human trafficking crisis. Through the organization Art to Aid, Andrea and her father, Stew, are donating a portion of all artwork sales to Touch A Life Foundation. When we spoke with Andrea, she told us, “The opportunity to work with my dad to raise funds for Touch A Life is very exciting to me. I love collaborating with him on projects and tossing around ideas for new items. It means a lot to be able to help others alongside him.”   We asked Andrea what advice she would give to someone […]

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Celebrate Independence

March 6th is recognized as Ghana’s Independence Day. In 1957, the Ghanaian people celebrated the end of colonial rule in their country, as they were the first nation in sub-saharan Africa to do so. On their very first Independence Day, Queen Elizabeth of England sent a message to be read to the people of Ghana. In it she said, “The hopes of many, especially in Africa, hang on your endeavours. It is my earnest and confident belief that my people in Ghana will go forward in freedom and justice.” This year, we are holding onto that hope and celebrating on March 6th – but for a slightly different reason. Come alongside us as we celebrate the Touch A Life children’s independence and freedom. Join us in rejoicing over the fact that these children are truly independent, free from slavery, and celebrate that they have been rescued and given a loving place to receive rehabilitation. It is your involvement that ensures a bright future for each child in our care. Our Global Family continues to support Touch A Life as we expand and grow, from the help we received to build the Touch A Life Care Center in Kumasi, Ghana, to the […]

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Class assignment sheds light on modern-day slavery

When Blair Burney was asked to represent a non-profit organization as a project in her Public Relations Writing class, she realized she was given a great opportunity. Rather than simply complete the assignment with a random organization, Blair decided to use her class project to raise awareness about enslaved and exploited children. Several years earlier, when Blair was a student at Coppell High School near Dallas, TX, she heard about Touch A Life through a student club named “Hope for Africa.” Blair remembered the Touch A Life story immediately when she was asked to come up with a non-profit to study in her class at UNT. She began her research by reading Jantsen’s Gift and gathering information from the Touch A Life website. Blair then visited the Touch A Life headquarters in Dallas and set up an interview with Pam Cope and the Touch A Life staff. Blair told us, “When I first met Pam she was warm, open, and interested in all of my questions, as well as some questions my roommate had. She made me want to get involved and made me want to go to Ghana and help!” Part of the class project was writing an article to […]

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Yoga Studio Gives Back to End Slavery

The Kula Yoga Project in Brooklyn, NY, is starting the new year off right by hosting a special New Years Day class to benefit Touch A Life! This hour and 45 minute-long session will include a one hour of detoxifying asana followed by 20 minutes of chanting for peace, a 10-minute silent meditation, and a long Savasana. Instructor Erin Dudley will lead the class and a simple Shanti chant in rounds of 108 to create a sound mala, with the intention of implanting a peaceful perspective and a global prayer as we move into 2014. When we asked the Kula Yoga team about why they chose to support Touch A Life with this special benefit, they said the studio held a similar fundraiser last year on New Years Day that “felt very meaningful,” and they want to intentionally start the year by “taking action to help our global community while cultivating peace in our hearts.” They also see a strong connection between service and yoga. Erin said, “I honestly believe that the practice of yoga guides us to greater compassion and awareness of connection to other beings beyond the confines of economic, material and patriotic mythologies that separate us. No one […]

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