TAL Changes Lives Through Enriching Children

With every new opportunity, we are prepared to take charge and do whatever it takes to make improvements on many young lives. These improvements, however, would not be possible without the help of others who share our goals and our mission. There are many teachers, caregivers and volunteers who bring life to our many international causes.

As one of TAL’s first endeavors, the facilities in Vietnam are thriving due to these important people as well.  With the help of our staff in Vietnam, the mission of the organization is being fulfilled. These people encourage the children spiritually and they provide them with the academic wisdom that will put them on the path to a successful future.  

The children in our program in Vietnam have also been given numerous opportunities to experience the lighter side of life. By participating in recreational activities such as singing and dancing, they are able to enjoy each other’s company as well as learn from one another. In addition, they are also able to participate in group outings that allow them to see things outside of their everyday life. One memorable excursion was a trip to a local water park. These children were once forced to completing adult-like tasks on a daily basis, but now they receive the chance to act their age and be kids again – which is exactly what they did while on their field trip to the water park!

Check out these action shots of the kids participating in some fun recreational activities! Even a photo cannot illustrate their joy as they learn new hand gestures and sing along to the new songs that they have been taught. Thank you for coming alongside the Touch A Life Foundation to see the positive impact that we are making on these kids. With your help, they will truly be able to experience their childhood the best way they know how – as kids.

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