The Road to a Brighter Future – Combating Human Trafficking in Vietnam

The Road to a Brighter Future - Combating Human Trafficking in VietnamAs the sun rises and its rays of light begin to shine upon a small village in Vietnam, a mother prepares her daughter for another day. While most parents in First World societies will often worry about their child eating enough vegetables or getting enough sleep to get through the day, this mother is solely concerned with whether or not she will see her daughter again.

This may not be a common fear in the United States, but in Vietnam, it is far from unique. Many women, men and young children are lured away from their homes on a regular basis with the promise of finding work that will lead to a better life. This promise, however, almost always results in a horrific reality. These illusions of well-paid jobs are simply just that: illusions. They often times lead to jobs involving hard labor, commercial sexual exploitation, and sometimes forced marriage.

The Road to a Brighter Future - Combating Human Trafficking in Vietnam Innocent children in countries like Vietnam are being ripped away from their homes and sent to foreign countries where it will be nearly impossible for them to achieve their dreams of a better life. This is where organizations like the Touch A Life Foundation come in. By helping to educate community members and provide rescued children with basic life essentials such as food, clothing and housing, Touch A Life strives to protect these children from the dangers of the trafficking industry. They are receiving the resources they need to overcome the economic and socio-economic barriers that they face in their everyday lives.

The Touch A Life Foundation is devoted to doing whatever it takes to ensure that these kids will fully experience their childhood by giving them the means to achieving a brighter future. They deserve the chance to live, and with the help of donors, volunteers and other Touch A Life supporters, we have been presented with the opportunity to give it to them. It may be a long and bumpy road, but in the end, the warm smile of a child who has been rescued makes the experience worth the effort.

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