Touch A Life Branches Out, Connects with FaithVillage

When it comes to reaching out and inspiring others to join together for a good cause, the Touch A Life Foundation is an organization that works tirelessly to spread the word of their work to help make the world a better place. Recently, Touch A Life has connected with FaithVillage, a social networking site for those who wish to share experiences related to their faith in order to improve lives around the world.

Touch A Life  Branches Out, Connects with FaithVillageIn an interview with Kelley Mathews from FaithVillage, Touch A Life co-founder Pam Cope speaks about the organization’s roots in Southeast Asia and then expanded to Cambodia and Ghana. Pam tells Kelley that Touch A Life is providing these formerly exploited and trafficked children with the resources they need to live the lives they deserve. When speaking about these kids, she says, “They’re going to end slavery in Ghana – it won’t be us. We’re just creating a new generation of leaders.” With this interview, Touch A Life hopes that supporters of both organizations will join forces to increase awareness and make a difference.

As a Touch A Life supporter, FaithVillage offers users the opportunity to meet others with similar passions while sharing their faith. They are provided with the means to post things like blogs and videos as well as create “lofts” where they are able to interact with people who share their views. This gives users the unique opportunity to spread thoughts and ideas in addition to staying up-to-date on things like pop culture and current events.

We look forward to working with FaithVillage in the future, and with time, we hope that this relationship will continue to grow. For more information on how to participate in FaithVillage, please visit their website.

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