Trafficked Children in Ghana Get a Second Chance

In Ghana, no child below the age of 15 can be legally employed. No child under the age of 13 is permitted to provide labor that could cause them harm. In addition, children are prohibited from working between the hours of 8pm and 6am. Despite these laws stated in Ghana’s Labour Act of 2003 and in the Children’s Act of 1998, thousands of children in Ghana are subject to dangerous and cruel working conditions everyday.

Children as young as five years old are being sold, trafficked, and forced into working under conditions that violate nearly ever set of regulations defined by these laws. These children are spend their days and nights fishing. They dive into the treacherous waters of Lake Volta to provide fish for a master who may exploit them for their free labor for many years. They spend their young lives performing labor that can easily be deemed as “harmful” and very dangerous in accordance to the law. There are an estimated 7,000 of these children working on Lake Volta as you read this blog post.

The laws that were created to protect these innocent children are being disregarded by traffickers every day, and now is the time to give these children a voice. For so long, they have been expected to do what they are told and spend each day hoping to survive to see the next. This may sound like a bleak future, and it is – until people like you step in to help these children lead lives of freedom and healing.

As an organization focused on helping the exploited children in Ghana, as well as in Southeast Asia, the Touch A Life Foundation is working to continue saving children who have been sold into slavery on Lake Volta. Our goal is to ensure that the trafficked Ghanaian children are not forgotten. We hope to provide the children we rescue with hope and a future by giving them a safe home, excellent medical care, school tuition, and any opportunity they desire that will help them achieve their dreams. Our current goal is to raise $10,000 to furnish the Touch A Life Care Center that will house 100 formerly trafficked kids, offering them hope and freedom after they are rescued out of slavery. Every penny counts, so help us achieve this goal by donating today.

For more information on how to join forces with Touch A Life, please visit the Get Involved section on our website. Visitors are encouraged to donate online or even participate in events hosted around the country. We are always looking for others who are as passionate about saving lives as we are. Every little bit counts – so don’t wait to join the fight to free the trafficked children.

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