UNCRC Defines Basic Human Rights For Children Around the World

Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). This international agreement, which is still in effect to this day, seeks to protect the rights of children around the world. The UNCRC aims to define what constitutes a child’s basic human rights and what forms of abuse could be classified as violations of a young person’s rights. UNCRC contains 54 articles, all of which seek to outline how children around the world should be treated, as well as the ways in which adults should work to ensure that children’s basic human rights are being upheld. The entirety of the document can be read here. The Convention’s website also contains a simplified “child friendly” version of the first 42 articles in the UNCRC, all of which define the rights all children should be granted by their governments and communities.

An example of some of the children the Touch A Life Foundation has positively effected through its efforts in GhanaThe website for UNCRC is a great resource for those concerned with the emotional and physical welfare of today’s youth. In 1991, Great Britain and Northern Ireland adopted UNCRC, and every four or five years, UNCRC reviews the progress the UK State Party has made in upholding the rights of children as defined by the document.

While UNCRC has made great strides in defining and upholding the basic rights that children need in order to live a dignified and fulfilling existence, there  are still many young people around the world who are denied these rights. In certain parts of the world, child slavery remains a rampant and persistent problem. In Ghana, for example, 34% of children between ages 5-14 are engaged in hazardous labor practices, according to a statistic released from Childinfo earlier this year. Touch A Life Foundation works tirelessly to uphold the rights of young victims of child labor. The foundation has saved over ninety children from slavery on Lake Volta. Go to the Get Involved potion of the Touch A Life website to take action and do your part to make sure that every child is able to live with access to the rights they deserve.

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