Words of Empowerment

Words of Empowerment This week, we at Touch A Life would like to share with you an activity we did with the kids. The two organizers, Kimberli Bracket and Tracy Crawford, decided to do a “words of empowerment” exercise, where the kids picked a word of truth that they thought was important and symbolic to write on their hands. Their goal was to remind the kids that even though they might have thought God had forgotten about them when they were sold to human traffickers that God had really not. We wanted to show the children that they are all loved, beautiful, blessed, and unique. Kimberli had also brought pictures of the kids that were taken from a earlier trip which were incorporated into a “Faith” photo album the children made.

The children were beyond excited when they saw the photos of themselves because it is uncommon in Ghana to have more than a handful of personal photographs so each one is cherished. Once Kimberli and Tracy took pictures of the kids with their words of empowerment on their hands, they were even more excited because that meant they could add another photo to their albums. Along with the albums, the kids were able to decorate their own mirrors. They wrote scriptures of truth on them so that every time they saw their reflection in the mirror, they would be reminded of God’s truth and why they were meant to be here. When we asked what Kimberli and Tracy loved most about the exercise, they said they were happily surprised by the thoughtfulness the kids had put into picking their word of empowerment.

Both Kimberli and Tracy have been in the ministry together for over 10 years doing similar self-empowerment activities with children. We are so appreciative for the work they have done here at Touch A Life.

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