our team

Pam Cope, Executive Director

PamCopePam Cope is the Co-Founder of Touch A Life and the author of Jantsen’s Gift, a powerful memoir published in three foreign markets. Pam and her husband Randy have four children and have been committed to a life of purpose since losing their oldest son in 1999. That life of purpose has been organically taking shape in the most creative ways.

From the streets of Saigon to the adventures of West Africa, Pam firmly believes that the world can be changed one child at a time. Her word for 2017 is intentional. Pam lives in Neosho, Missouri, with her husband and TAL’s Co-Founder, Randy. She has four children – Jantsen, Crista, Van & Tatum.


John O’Toole, CEO

John has served as the Touch A Life Executive Director and then CEO since 2011. John is an Associate for Executives in Action and also serves as Executive Vice President of WLX, a company specializing in platform truck transportation. John co-founded the Cal West Tariff Bureau and Association, a nonprofit organization servicing the transportation industry. He brings over 30 years of executive-level experience to the Touch A Life team. John lives in Irving, TX, with his wife Linda and has two grown children and six grandchildren.


Rachel Brown, Development Director

RachelRachel Brown has served as the Director of Project Development for Touch A Life since January 2009 and in 2016 was named Director of Development. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Pepperdine University with a degree in Journalism and it was at her alma mater where she met Pam Cope. After traveling to Ghana with Pam in August 2008, Rachel was brought on board to manage special projects, craft donor communication strategies, and organize volunteer efforts for the organization. Rachel’s role has evolved and, like the other staff members at TAL, she wears a lot of hats. She loves meeting & engaging new supporters, leading trips to Ghana for volunteer groups, and dreaming up new ways to share TAL’s story. She lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband, baby girl, Ruby, and their adorably large English mastiff.



Bernard Fianku, Ghana Country Director

BernardBernard was born in a small village along Lake Volta in Ghana and was sent to live with an aunt and her husband at the age of nine. During that time he was subjected to child labor until he was able to move and continue his education. Bernard went on to attend International Theological Seminary where he studied faith-based counseling in addition to biblical studies. He earned a degree in counseling and certificate in addiction, grief, and behavioral therapy and later went to the University of Ghana to study economics and sociology. Bernard was on staff as director at various child support and schooling organizations from 2003 until he joined the Touch A Life team in 2009. Bernard was named TAL’s Ghana Country Director in 2013 and lives in Ghana with his wife, Irene, and their young son, David.


Kwame Dadzie, Ghana Art Center Director


Frank Obrempong Kwame Dadzie was born Kumasi, Ghana and lived with his parents until late 1999 when he moved in American missionaries, Rev David Vespa and his wife Rev. Maryann. During that time he served them in various ways and in their church. They helped to deepen his relationship with God. During that time he enrolled in an art school called College of Art and Industry in Kumasi and graduated in the top of his class. In 2004 he studied graphic design and computer networkin

In 2009 Kwame met Touch A Life staff members in Kumasi and began helping them develop humanitarian projects. He began to see a vision for his role as it evolved, and he utilized his skills as a professional artist (specializing in paintings) to start assisting in the Connor Creative Art Center. In 2013 he joined the Touch A Life Staff as the Ghana Art Center Director, overseeing all Art Healing programs for the children at the Care Center.

Kwame currently owns an advertising agency. He is married to his wife Jennifer and they have two beautiful children, Kelly and Christopher.


Esther Yankyera, Organizational Lead

As the organizational Lead, Esther is responsible for the mentorship program and its implementation. She reports to the management team in the head-office of the organization in the United States of America and the In-Country Director, Mr. Bernard Fianku. Specifically, Esther will lead our efforts in these areas:

  • Managing student whatsapp group and communications as sole administrator to create a neutral space for ideas and knowledge and reporting group interaction to stakeholders
  • Managing mentorship and Life Academy Maintenance budget
  • Planning and coordinating weekly sessions, throughout the year at Life Academy and other corporate location with support from local mentors
  • Maintaining and Administrating “Mentorship Matches” and ongoing relationships
  • Building relationships and leveraging professional network for a continual funnel of executives to sustain the program.
  • Developing information sharing communication process (managing and rolling out TAL newsletter or content portal).
  • Facilitating and Maintaining work streams and program updates with Amy Liddy/Program stakeholders/Management.


Millicent Kafui Sosu, Travel & Logistics Coordinator

As the Travel and Logistics Coordinator, Millicent will be responsible for liaising with the head-office in the United States of America to create a smooth and relaxing travel experience for in-coming visitors into the country. She reports to the management team in the head-office of the organization in the United States of America and the In-Country Director, Mr. Bernard Fianku. Specifically, Millicent will lead our efforts in these areas:

  • Key logistics point of contact for trip arrivals into Accra
  • Managing the incoming travel budget and trip logistics
  • Liaising with and being an active presence during the visitor’s time in the country.
  • Coordinate and oversee In-Country travel
  • Manage Accommodation bookings when required
  • Plan social interactions to give variety to travelers when required


Michael & Paulina Morgan, Head Houseparents

Michael Morgan is the Director of the Care Center in Kumasi. He currently celebrated his 10 year anniversary working with Touch A Life since joining the team in January 2009. Mr. Morgan has a background as a teacher and is also a very talented basket weaver. His claim to fame is his infectious smile and always jumping in the middle of every dance party that breaks out. He and his wife Paulina are the head houseparents, and the two of them working together have created a safe place for the children to call home.